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2D geometry in title

Geometry A simple and easy to use calculator which uses many of the formulas found in geometry
Size: 331.05K
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calculator formula Maine white pages database Geometry  
Rules of Geometry Math and geometry test
Size: 1 KB
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quiz Geometry math test mathematics Geometry test  
Custom Geometry Firefox extension that adds a button to the Firefox status bar that will resize the Firefox window to your specifications
Size: 5 KB
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Refresh Firefox Firefox Refresher resize Firefox extension  
Circles Geometry Circles Geometry - Providing 9 calculators.
Size: 3.1 MB
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calculator calculate geometry editor Geometry  
Wing Geometry A Java program that will calculate commonly used parameters related to airplane wing geometry
Size: 1.9 MB
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calculator calculate Geometry airplane reservation  
Infinite Geometry Geometry worksheet generator
Size: 6.68MB
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worksheet Geometry mathematics Math Worksheet Geometry test  

2D geometry in tags

OpenEuclide Plane geometry software: figures are defined dynamically by describing formal geometrical constraints
Size: 3.8 MB
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metadata describing 2D Geometry geometrical  
4nec2 An application that can be used by antenna modelers.
Size: 3.6 MB
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3D Geometry 3D geometry antenna manager antenna  
V# .NET vector geometry library Solve complex 2D and 3D geometry tasks in .NET environment.
Size: 300.04K
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3D geometry 2D geometry NET Environment .NET Environment  
Caedium Professional It combines the entire SymLab add-on collection into a single package
Size: 28.6M
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analyze fluid flow 3D geometry fluid 2D geometry  
V# developer V# provides more than 700 highly efficient methods to solve complex 2d and 3d geometry...
Size: 0 KB
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3D geometry 2D geometry solve complex parse task  
OpenGL Geometry Benchmark OpenGL Geometry Benchmark tests the geometry power of miscellaneous video cards
Size: 100 KB
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OpenGL Constructive Solid Geometry geometry editor Geometry  

2D geometry in description

Geometry VecMat Class Library This library provides 2D to 4D vectors and matrices and some geometry related classes like lines, planes, spheres and classes for rotation of objects.
Size: 55 KB
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math develop Vector Library geometry editor Geometry  
V# - Spatial vector geometry for .NET It provides highly efficient methods to solve complex 2D and 3d geometry tasks with a few lines of code. PLUS: Easily visualize your computations via dxf™!
Size: 715KB
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spatial data net queen fluent mixsim v2.0.2 facial geometry  
STEP 2D Import for AutoCAD STEP files contain 3D geometry data of solid models. STEP 2D Import for AutoCAD reads the 3D geometry data from STEP files and creates 3D curve objects corresponding to each edge in the solid model. T...
Size: 35.4M
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import importer autocad 2d hpgl import for  
geomerative It extends 2D geometry operations to facilitate generative geometry. Includes a TrueType font and an SVG interpreters. This library exposes the shapes (such as vector drawings or typographies) in a mo...
Size: 3 MB
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development develop Geometry Geometry Library Ver  
atlas - modern differential geometry for Maple The atlas package is powerful Maple toolbox which allows you to do any differential geometry calcula...For low dimensional (2D and 3D) problems the package provide atlas 2D/3D Wizard - a Maplet tool whic...
Size: 1000 KB
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atlas application moon atlas atlas Britain atlas  
NonEuclid 2007 NonEuclid helps you investigate the complex domain of the Hyperbolic geometry and to empirically answer to questions such as: "In Hyperbolic Geometry, are the base angles of an isosceles triangle cong...
Size: 310 KB
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builder geometry editor Geometry geometry handling